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[INTERVIEW] AJ on "The Dope Doctor". (English)

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During the last hour, AJ was the special guest at The Dope Doctor, a show hosted by Luis Delgado and AJ's mom, Denise.

They talked about a lot of different subjects: #bsbcruise2010, his solo album, the photoshoot with Tyler Shields, his wedding plans with Rochelle and, of course, his addiction.

At the begining of the show, Luis asked him about the cruise; AJ told it was the first BSB Cruise with something like 800 fans from all around the globe. He talked about the parties, games, the concert they did on board... He told it's a lil more difficult to walk when you'r on a boat." He took that time, as well, to aplogize to all the fans who couldn't take part of the B&B party, since It got moved to inside on the last minute and the club didn't have enough space to all of them. Oh, and he said he already saw some videos posted around.

About the concert, he said it was fun, but different when u have to present yourself in a boat. About the choreograph he said that when they have a lot of time off, some of them usually forget the steps, not him, of course, but Howie.

When asked about their joint with NKOTB, he let us kknow the name of the song they recorded together (and that our cruisers already heard): Don't turn out the lights.

Luis asked him, as well, about his relationship with Rochelle; AJ told that he wished she could be there with him, but that ahe had to go home 'cause she promissed her 2 years old nieces  that she would spend the Holiday with them, since they missed Halloween. Louis took the chance to ask  AJ if he being engaged changes something when it comes to his fans, and the answer was something like we're groen up, but they are too, so they know how to behave theirselves, but of course, there are always be some crazy stalkers behind us", and about his wedding date, he told that they postponed that to Dec. of 2011 or the top of 2012, since he'll have a busy year, next year.

When it comes to his solo carreer, AJ told that Have it All, his first solo material, will reach the US/Canada/Europe next year (February) but that he had to postpone his solo tour 'cause of the group. (PS: he said that Rochelle won't make it to South American and Mexico).

Heading to the end of the interview, Luis changed the subject and brought up AJ's addiction in alcohol. That was when AJ revealed that he's not sober anymore, he's been drinking for the past 3 years and  thinking about go back to his treatment. Taking the chance, he said he wants to do that for him and for his loved ones: his fiancee, mother, friends, but mainly for himself. He said he has a great group that always support him, that he's not a bad person when drunk, but revealed that he gets a lil angry. He told that's not good for him nor his fiancee, he wants her to really know him, to really now him sober and not in moments of sobriety.

Luis, then, asked if he finds himself being an alcoholic or an addicted. He answered that he thinks about him being an alcholic, since drugs came after that.

Denise, at that point, said that she supports him no matter what, but only if he decides to go back into treatment, and that he doesn't go along with the kind of life he's taking right now.

Asked by a fan on why does he drink, AJ told that he had no answer for that, just that drink is something that makes feels relaxed and that he knows he doesn't need that. He said he feels great when he's drinking, but when it goes away, it's not that cool. Once more Denise stop the interview to say that she thinks AJ is living that show bussiness life for so long, that he doesn't remember anymore how to be Alex.

At another moment, Luis asked if at any point in time AJ thought he would be able to handle just a couple drinks when out and about with his friends, and he said yes, he really thought he would be able to do that, but after sometime he cought himself in need of more and more drinks to feel cool. He thought he found out that he's not thet tolerant anymore, that he needs less alcohol get drunk today than he needed in the past.

About those pics of him holding a bottle of whisky, he told that was just a joke, something his great friend Tyler Shields (which worked with him at his solo album art) wanted to do for so long, to show video game's heroes more as humans. He, said as well, that he plans to do another "Halo" video with Tyler. (Thanks @misha_bsb for that).

Louis asked Denise, at that point, how was her reaction whe she found out her son was an acoholic, she said she had the most normal reaction: denial and then seh got pissed off, till she realize that that was not the better way to help him.

AJ told that he alwasy knew he would fail. After 6 years and a half being sober, feeling like he could handle that, he drop off the program, he had no sponsor and wasn't following the program steps anymore, so it was just a matter of time till he catch himself runk again. The last drop of water? AJ said it was during the ruise, more specificaly after the first night, when EVERYONE got so drunk, at that point he realize he wasnt able to deal with that anymore.

To finish the interview he thanked his fans love and support, apologized for not being perfect, but human, and told that he'll be back into treatment.

Thanks @misha_bsb for the videos.

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