Discografia - Solo

Nick Carter & Jordan Knight ("Nick & Knight" - 09/02/2014) 

"One More Time"
"Nobody Better"
"Drive My Car"
"Take Me Home"
"Deja Vu"
"If You Want It"
"Just the Two of Us"

"Halfway There"

Howie D - Back to Me (09/11/2011)

"Back To Me"
"Going Going Gone"
"Lie To Me"
"Over My Head"  
"Pure" (co-write with Nick Carter)
"This Is Just What I Needed"
"Way To Your Heart"

 Nick Carter - I'm Taking Off (02/02/2011)

"Burning Up"
"Not the Other Guy"
"So Far Away"
"Falling Down"
"Just One Kiss"
"Great Divide"
"Nothing Left To Lose"
"Falling in Love Again"
"I'm Taking Off"

AJ McLean - Have It All (01/20/2010)

"Teenage Wildlife"
"Have It All"
"What If"
"Drive By Love"
"Love Crazy"
"Sincerely Yours"
"I Quit"
"I Hate It When You're Gone"
"What It Do"
"Mr. A"

Brian Littrell - Welcome Home (05/02/2006)

"My Answer Is You"
"Welcome Home (You)"
"You Keep Givin' Me"
"Gone Without Goodbye"
"I'm Alive"
"Over My Head"
"We Lift You Up"
"Grace of My Life"
"Angels and Heroes"
"Jesus Loves You"
"In Christ Alone"

Nick Carter - Now or Never (10/28/2002)

"Help Me" 
"My Confession"  
"I Stand for You"  
"Do I Have to Cry for You?" 
"Girls in the USA"
"I Got You"
"Is It Saturday Yet?" 
"Blow Your Mind"  
"Miss America"  
"I Just Wanna Take You Home" 
"Heart Without a Home 
"Who Needs the World"