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[Backstreet Boys] See you soon, @backstreetboys #BSBinBrazil


pedimos lincença, hoje, para postarmos, aqui, um texto em inglês. 

"It's been 10 days since the Backstreet Boys arrived for their first "In A World Like This" Tour concert in Brazil and it went by so fast!

Today they'll do their last concert of this tour here in Brazil and while we're all sad to say goodbye we know it's only temporary.

During this last 10 days we had a blast! All around the country fans traveled to attend to one or more concerts, meet friends we only see in concert lines or venues and make new friendships. We all danced a lot, sang our lungs out and had no voice the day following the concert, acting like we were 15 all over again and hadn't a care in the world (all per request of Mr. Carter).

We laughed, we cried and we felt in love all over again. 

Though we know our boys will never read this, We wanted to thank the Backstreet Boys for everything. Thanks for all the amazing moments, for the concerts full of energy, for all the joy and happiness you brought into our lives during these last few days. Thanks for being so kind, attentive and patient with fans that were piling up outside the hotels and following everybody around. We truly appreciate all the efforts you all made to try and get to everyone.

Also, we want to say a big thank you to all the Backstreet Crew, not only for keeping you guys safe and sound but also for being so kind with us during the entire tour, mainly during the M&G trying to calm us down before/after the photos and the concerts. Guys, you all rock!

At the same time we know not everything went as smooth as it should have been and for that we want to apologize. We're truly sorry for any rudeness and bad time you guys may have experienced in our country. We hope you guys are leaving with way more good memories than bad and can't wait to have you around again.

Thanks for everything.

With love,

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